Her. Wednesday 2/21 Blog

Picking up the Pieces First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ladina and I work for my church. I am the mother of three amazing kiddos and the wife


Her. Wednesday 2/7 Blog

“I don’t like kids.” I know that’s how some of you feel. It’s a loaded statement. There are many reasons why people say that; some selfish, some pain-laiden from abuse


Haley Lambert has some controversial things to consider in the face of anxiety

Eating and Drinking to the Glory of God By Haley Lambert “The church needs to do a better job at approaching mental illness.” Sound familiar? I totally agree with this


Her. Wednesday 1/10 Blog

Happy 2018! I want to kick off the new year by asking you a question. But first, let’s pray. Lord, as I’m typing this, I come to you in an


HER. Big Event- January by Haley Lambert

Haley Lambert gives a message for Her big event January, 2018. HER, January 2018


HER. Wednesday 12/27 VLOG

Ladina Dougherty gets really raw about marriage.


Her. Wednesday 12/20 Blog

Marriage and the Single Person Whether married or not, we play a significant role in each other’s lives. If you are married, ask yourself these questions: How many single friends


Her. Wednesday 12/13 Blog

AWKWARD. Even the word “awkward” is awkward. Tension in relationships is inevitable. Here are some possible tensions that we regularly face AND NEED TO HAVE A HEALTHY EMOTIONAL RESPONSE FOR:


Her. Wednesday December 6th VLOG (@HerForWomen)

Katlyn Evanko shares her testimony of knowing Christ. __ For more information about our ministry, check us out at or email Be sure to like our Facebook Page


Her. Wednesday 11/29 Blog

Babies. Aren’t they THE BEST? They come into this world completely dependent on mommies and daddies. Not a care in the world, just meet their basic needs and watch how


Her. Wednesday 11/22 Blog

Parenting. Hello. My name is Petra Alvarez and today I am going to talk a little about being a parent. I am not really planning on giving parenting tips at


Her. Wednesday 11/15 Blog

Have you ever wondered what the forbidden fruit looked like? The serpent? I have. I’ve thought about that moment of decision, that moment we chose to either give or take


Her. Wednesday November 8th VLOG

Haley shares how to have a great funeral, a lesson on time management. __ For more information about our ministry, check us out at or email Subscribe to


Her. Wednesday 11/1 Blog

Have you ever felt like you’ve disappointed God? I have, and I feel like I do on a regular basis. Disappointment is the one emotion that hits me straight in


Her. Wednesday October 25th VLOG

Carrie Johnson shares on how to prevent distraction and remain focused without anxiously worrying.


Her. Wednesday 10/18 Blog

A little about me: My name is Ladina and I am a wife of almost 13 years. We have three children that we adopted about three years ago. I also


Her. Wednesday October 11th VLOG

Petra Alvarez talks to us about discipleship. Spiritual Gifts Profile


Her. Wednesday 10/4 Blog

Hello, ladies of Fellowship Church! Or those who have stumbled upon this blog. Grandest WELCOME to the launch of our new women's ministry, "HER". Let me take a moment to


Welcome to Her.

Haley Lambert introduces Her.