Him. Wednesday December 6th VLOG (@HimForMen)

Tyler Oglesby speaks on Stewardship over Work. __ For more information about our ministry, check us out at or email Be sure to like our Facebook Page @


Him. Wednesday 11/29 Blog

Stewardship over our bodies The human body. Such an incredible creation. God has given us this amazing vessel to do His work while we are on His Earth. This human


Him. Wednesday November 22nd VLOG

Jordan Lambert updates us on the challenge from his previous vlog, and helps us take a look at gratitude and contentment.


Him. Wednesday 11/15 Blog

Spiritual Discipline: Stewardship – Principle of being a steward The next part of discipleship is practicing the spiritual disciplines. There was a list of different spiritual disciplines that were identified.


Him. Wednesday November 8th VLOG

Adam Cardoza encourages us to have confidence and faith. __ For more information about our ministry, check us out at or email Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and


Him. Wednesday 11/1 Blog

Discipleship: Spiritual Discipline As we continue talking about discipleship, let’s look at spiritual discipline. In the previous week, Jordan mentioned discipline and what it looks like. He talked about the


Him. Wednesday October 25th VLOG

Jordan Lambert shares his passion on discipline.


Him. Wednesday 10/18 Blog

Discipleship: My Definition In the previous blog I put together an overview of discipleship and its three characteristics. Disciples of Jesus are people who know Jesus in the mind and know Jesus in the


Him. Wednesday October 11th VLOG

Chris Cherry asks if we are sharing our passion.


Him. Wednesday 10/4 Blog

Discipleship: Overall View When we read the Bible we read about disciples, but we may not have a clear understanding of what a disciple is. Jesus had twelve disciples that


Welcome to Him.

Chris Cherry introduces Him.