Things We Do
A Ministry is something we do in community as a church. It is not simply a service, gathering, activity, or way to serve. It is a way that our community can complete our mission, enact our vision, live out our purposes, and portray and practice our beliefs and DNA.

One of our DNA points is “We do more by doing less,” and there is no other place in our church than in our ministries that this can be emphasized more. This DNA point is explained though the statement,” By keeping things simple, we can focus on intentionally planning what’s most effective, and do so with excellence.” In saying that, we choose to limit the number of ministries our church is involved in so that only the ones that see our vision realized and our mission accomplished best are invested in.

We also encourage our members, particularly through our Small Groups and ministry teams, to find ways to serve their community and fellow Christians on their own. What one does as ministry does not have to be done officially through the church. However, the ministries that we do officially as a church should be participated in by all of its members.

The following is a snapshot of some of our ministries as a church. It may not be exhaustive in listing every single thing we do as a church community, but should give a good idea of the things we do on a regular basis and the things we put great value on. This list may also change as our church progresses. We may find, down the road, that some of our ministries are not complementing our mission, vision, purposes, beliefs, and DNA as they once were and have to drop them and start new ministries that do. We also may see that we are lacking a ministry that our church needs, and have to add one to the list of ministries we are already involved in, as long as “we do more by doing less” is adhered to.